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Posted by on Oct 17, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Everything You Need To Know About Escorts

Everything You Need To Know About Escorts

There are many different reasons that people will hire escorts although the most common is for sex. Finding an escort service in your area or close to you is not as difficult as you might think thanks to the By simply typing in escorts in and stating your city you are sure to find several websites that offer escort services and will share with you their prices. From there it is a matter of picking up the phone and making the arrangements. Be sure to go through an agency or organization and not directly person to person though.

There are a few different types of escorts along with their services and the price you pay will determine what you are going to be getting. The higher the price the more likely the person you are hiring will do more, and have more services available, as well as be well taken care of. This goes the same for a lower rate, but it depends on what you are hiring the escort for. If you are hiring an escort for dinner or social event to have some eye candy on your arm you are paying the trip, the expense of the meal, movie, or event plus the escort on your arm which can be up to $500. If you are looking to get action later out of it, your cost can go from $300 to $5000 depending on the class of the escort.


An escort is a person too, so always keep that in mind, as when you are hiring them they are doing a job and performing their duty. Their main service is to keep you company, perhaps share in conversation and in many cases to fulfill your desires. Services could be as little as just a date, perhaps pretending to be your girlfriend or wife. They can build from there, adding in a price each time from a blowjob, hand job, sex, or even more wild sex by using sex toys or a prolonged experience. There are escorts that specialize in sensual massage too. The more you are asking for the higher the price so be sure and bring your wallet when you are hiring an escort.

Escorts can be men or women of all races, and religions. They can also be short, tall, thin, chubby, or anywhere in between. There are also transgender or gay escorts as well and it’s all a matter of the taste of the client and what they might be into.

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