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Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in Suggestions | 0 comments

Having feet fetish is not a subject that you shall consider as taboo

Fetishism might be a taboo subject for many people because people always relate fetishism with sex. I would have no disagreement with that and I also relate fetishism with sex. But if we talk about most common feeling that men can sexyhave because of fetishism, then we can name feet fetish for that. Feet fetish is quite common among all the men and they can have some serious attraction for female foot. Here, you should understand that attraction for foot can also have sexual opinion or feelings in men and men can love to have different kind of things because of their feet fetish.

Most of the men having feet fetish expect to get a foot job from their female partner. This seems a tough and rough act from their female partner, but it’s not as rough as it seems with its name. A foot job is just like hand job, but in this particular pleasure method women would rub men’s genitals area with her feet instead of using hand for same. Usually this start with rubbing the soles of feet on penis and that give sexual arousal to men. This is one of those fetishism pleasure that can be done in so many different ways and rubbing penis between both the foot soles is the most common method to have pleasure in this particular feet fetish.

In feet fetish men always get amazing pleasure when they get orgasm with this foot job and they release their load on girls feet. And good thing about this is that not only men but many girls also like the feet fetish of their male partners. That is why they not only support their fetishism, but they do all those things as well that gives fantastic and most amazing fun to their male partners in their fetishism.

Other thing that people should know about feet fetish is that it’s not a usual thing and people had fetishism for foot in ancient time as well. Also more than 46% men can have some kind of fetishism which for foot which makes it a common thing among all the men. So, if you have this opinion that fetishism is bad or if you consider it as a taboo subject, then you shall change your opinion for same instantly. I am sure when you would change your opinion for

same then you would be able to have much better experience in your life as you can also enjoy fetishism for foot having no complications at all.

And if you also have feet fetish and you are not sure how you can enjoy pleasure, then I already give answers to you. You can have a food massage from your female partner and you can have fun easily. Other than this, you can also buy some stylish shoes for her and you can play with her feet after gifting those shoes to her. When you would do this, then she would have no rejection for you and you are going to have the best outcome with utmost simplicity read more

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